My apparnt cult

Hey there, its vealana again ive decied to come on here and rant A because am in school and am rather bored and B because my year at school resantly voted me most likey to start a cult for our sch year book…. so needless to say am not a happy bunny like at all. I dont really know why i got voted for it, i dont really talk to most of the unwashed rejects in my year at school as there neds and imo the spawn of darkness as a result. What really annoyed me about this is that appon telling a couple of my mates they got all excited and thought i was starting one and now insist that i have to its kidda like omg wtf:( meh  its fine if i do ever start a cult my slogain will now be ” arint you sorry that you sujested this” that of “ooooo shiney”

but to sum up i hate my sch… and am appartly starting a cult…

oh another weaird thing my school have came up with… ive been asked a few times in the last few days if i am going out with my best friend…. just for the record no i am not sleeping with jannet and all the twats that dont have the balls to ask me about it can go take a running jump off a clif am soooooo sick of them like c0mpletly.

ok think i got that out of my system for now^^ alough if am arrested for murder you all know why…

hmmm trying to think what else has been going on in my life … oh i have dcied to move to china because  single transferable vote is far to confussing and if i move to china i wont have  to learn how it works cause in chain it dosint matter who you vote for the goverments stays the same^^

emm i think that sabout it tbh nothing else has really annoyed me other than guys but thats agaiven^^


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