update on wow life:O

hello again:) i relised i hadnt posted anything about wow in a long time and thought id start by saying how annoyed i am that the litch king is going to be a 5 man dungen wtf is with that ? hes a huge part of wow lore and yet the decided not to make him a raid ? really not all that impressed i mean 5 man to defeat arthis? whats that me a tank and 3 dps to take down a huge part of wow history come on blizz what are you playing at ? they cant really be serius its insane…. oh and an other thing i have whent bk to my main sever i missed my beloved guild the death dragoons far to much and have restuned to there ranks sorry new guild but thems are the brecks dd are just far more fun than you are and far more help full 🙂 but it was fun spending time with you and i will still log from time to time to have a chat and make sure every things ok just to keep my rl friends happy

well byes for now


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