Hi there every one. It’s vealana again and i just worked out that my school hasint stoped the acssse to word press on the system witch is great news for me because it means instead of having to do work this period i can play on the computers 🙂 isint it great. well am sure your all wondering were i have been for the past few weeks and why i havint posted any new cartoons. well am very sorry to tell  you all this but i have been very ill for the past few weeks and as a result i have been sleeping so havint had time to post. you may at this point be wondering what on earth could make me so ill for such a lenth of time well my friends seem to have the theory that it is the duck pidgeon plauge meaing a plauge given to me ether by a half duck half pidgeon or by a pidgeon that jannet thought was a duck…. ether way thats what i had appartly so thats why my poor blog has been neglected but i promis ill have more cartoons up soon:) because my plage seems to be better now and i can actuly stay awake for more then ten minutes at a time witch is a good thing i gusse even if i do love sleep:P

I bet your all wondering if there has been anything intertsing happen to me in the past few weeks ? well other than my friends taking bets on when am going to die not really ….  and ha i win am not dead unless i am dead in witch case this is probly very confussing for my friends …. and if i am dead can some one plese tell me who won the bet? because if i have to be dead i at lest want to haunt the person who gussed when i was going to die out of spite because they were so uncaring about my passing:P

God i have talked alot today am not so sure if any one will actuly be bother to read all the way to the end of this as there is not really much of a point to me writing it am just very bored an in school and see this as a better use of my time:P specking of school i have to write  3 stupid articals for my schools magasine witch i must admit is really well done and the articles are normaly fantastic but i really cant be bother doing them ….. but on the upside some of my lil cartoons are also being put in witch will be epic:P not so sure what ones to use but… the ones witch i kill my chem techer in horrable ways are probly out… and the ones were we tie up another techer and hold her in a room full of hats re probly not much use ether… hmmm maybe i should make some new ones for it its probly safer……. let me know what you think 🙂 your ideas are always welcome

By this point am pretty sure every one will have given up and stoped reading … if not why are you still reading this? its over 500 words long probly dosnt make a whole lot of sence and dosint really have any direct point…… but if you are still reading it thanks ^^ it means i didnt waste to much of mytime randomly ranting about point less things that no one is intersted in , or maybe your only still reading because you think i must have a point well i asure you i dont 🙂 this is just a random rant of an insane person … i think i should stop talking now well bloging to be correct bye all 🙂 and i swear ill post more cartoons soon.


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