Swine flu rant…..

Ok what on earth is the big deal about swin flu…. do you all relise that normal flu is just as dangerous? My mum has it atm ahe was at the doctors with it and now shes on tami flu and its making her worse than the actul flu is,… and yet every ones totaly panicing… i think its the name i mean swin flu ounds horrable if it was called kitty flu of bunny flu or something you would have a mass of younger hyper girls chanting omg i got bunny flu and  hopping down the road like bunnys…. cant you just picture it now? geting a very hyper text omg u will never gusse what i have BUNNY FLU isint it great? and the spawns of small children who get confussed and think if they get it there going to turn in to bunnys and are hopping down the street …. if like me you are totaly sick off alll the swin flu talk to what i do and if someone coughs near you say omg you have bunny flu gz:) ether that or call it piggy flu because it dosint sound as bad if its piggy flu dose it?



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