Ok this ones about wow…

as you might have gussed this ones about wow:) wow is short hand for world of warcraft for thoughs who dont already know that:) ok i finaly got to lvl 80 ( i know shock ) but when i got there my real life friends decied to move to a new relim so no wi have to lvl a whole new charcter (great fun ) because i do not want to move my main because i love my guild far to much there all great:) my new guild are fine i gusse but there is not the same feeling of online family as my old guild… and it can some times be a little dull and quite… there is one good thing about it but(not saying  who because it will be just my luck that ppl from my guild find my blog and then id just have to die ) only bad thing is he is now not talking to me i gusse he has moved on to the next drani female who has caught his eye ….:P

Oh and on my main i spent a whole like 9 hours farming ore to lvl my jc its now like 442 witch is good but it was a rather soul shattering thing to do …… *shudders at the thought of having to do it again* my main is a lvl 80 belf preist am not telling u my charcter name or sever because i dont want ppl i dont know talking to me there 2 because i already get enough randoms talking to me on wow XD not that i dont love you all wow is just my esscape… ok i should stop talking now i think bye for now:)


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