It hads begun!!

Well since my sch so rudely vited me most likely to start a cult… i have decied to start one ^^ not quite sure what about or the details yet but i do know one thing none o them can join:P because only ppl that have the IQ abouve that of baked goods are allowed […]

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Ok i started this page for a place to go and post some off my random little cartoon. However i have decided to post other things on here to…So dont be totaly shocked to fine stuff about wow, books, fairys, story’s am woking on, cupcakes mmm cupcakes are yummy. wait? what was i talking about…. anyway hi am vealana and ill be bloging with you today have a look at some of the posts if you want to avoid my rants and just see my random little cartoons just click comics ill understand:P anyway have fun^^